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Illinois Motor Vehicle Defense Attorneys

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Motor vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries and property damage. And for insurers or self-insuring entities, such accidents can lead to civil litigation, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars (or more) per incident. When your clients or employees are involved in a serious accident, you need experienced motor vehicle defense attorneys in your corner fighting to protect your interests.

At BCM Law, P.C., we have provided skilled representation for insurance companies and self-insurers for more than two decades. Our award-winning lawyers regularly defend clients for motor vehicle accidents in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and throughout the country. Our team of attorneys stands ready to go to work immediately after an accident occurs, thoroughly investigating the case and preparing an effective defense strategy as quickly as possible. Our proactive approach puts our clients in the best position to succeed; often leading to faster settlements for lower amounts.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Defense in Illinois

We defend a wide range of clients involved in motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Automobile Drivers/Owners
  • Motorcycle Drivers/Owners
  • Truck Drivers/Owners
  • Trucking Companies
  • Truck Leasing Companies

We have the legal team and support staff to provide a strong defense no matter where the accident occurred. Our lawyers have defended clients in most of the local venues throughout the state, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the unique dynamics of each location. This can be a critical factor in the success or failure of a case.

Aggressive Defense for Truckers and Trucking Companies

Accidents involving trucks are often far more serious than those that involve only automobiles, and for this reason, there is an inherent bias against truck drivers among potential jurors. However, because of the danger they pose, truck drivers and trucks are subject to some of the most stringent federal, state and local safety standards. For example, truckers are routinely drug tested, and they are required to keep detailed logs of the hours they are on the road, as well as logs of vehicle inspections and maintenance. From the very outset, we go over these records in detail and identify any and all factors that strengthen the case of our clients, so we are well-prepared for hostile litigation or settlement negotiations.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to costly and protracted litigation. Those involved need experienced advocates fighting to defend their interests. For a consultation with one of our Illinois motor vehicle defense attorneys, contact BCM Law, P.C. at 312-425-3131 today.
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