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Illinois employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance (for most members of the organization) through an insurance company, or by self-insuring. When a workers' compensation claim is lodged, available benefits may include reasonable medical care, temporary disability (partial or total), permanent disability (partial or total), and death benefits.

When an employee files a disability insurance claim, it can be quite costly for the employer. For this reason, it is important for the employer and/or its insurer to have strong legal counsel in their corner working toward a favorable resolution.

For nearly 20 years, the award-winning attorneys at BCM Law, P.C. have defended employers and insurers for workers' compensation claims in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and nationwide. We have been highly acclaimed by our peers for our strong track record of success defending claims, and our commitment to aggressively advocating for the interests of each client we serve. We regularly defend workers' compensation disability insurance claims before the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (IWCC), and upon appeal up to the highest levels of the state and federal court system. At each stage of the process, we put our in-depth experience to work to put our clients in the best position to succeed.

Common Defenses for Disability Insurance Claims

There are several factors that may be grounds for denial of a workers' compensation disability claim. Two of the most common include:

  • Failure to notify the employer within 45 days following the illness or injury.
  • Failure to show that the accident, injury or illness was work-related.

Many employees that develop medical issues attempt to claim (often falsely) that they were caused by a work-related incident or ongoing work conditions over a period of time. For example, if an employee develops severe back pain, he/she may claim that it occurred because of lifting too much weight at work, when in fact it was the result of a stressful activity that occurred outside of work. These types of cases can become quite complex, and it can be challenging to verify whether or not the claim is legitimate.

Our legal team goes to work immediately to perform an extensive investigation of the claim and build the strongest possible defense. By preparing quickly, we are typically able to settle the claim in a more timely fashion and at a lower cost to our client. If you are an employer or insurer facing a workers’ compensation disability insurance claim, contact us today at 312-425-3131 for a personalized consultation. BCM Law, P.C. maintains offices in Chicago and Bloomington/Normal, Illinois.
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